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Top Manulife FA Teams

Our professional, experienced and knowledgeable financial services consultants are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals and dreams.

Aspire Alliance

Director: Andy Chen
Contact: andy.chen@manulifefa.com.sg
Director: Mike Tang
Contact: mike.tang@manulifefa.com.sg
Director: Thomas Ang
Contact: thomas.ang@manulifefa.com.sg
Director: Sammi Lee
Contact: sammi.lee@manulifefa.com.sg

Beyond Consultancy

Director: Roy Tan
Contact: roy.tan@manulifefa.com.sg

ChamberWealth Financial

Director: Loy Yi Zhuo
Contact: loy@manulifefa.com.sg
DNA Financial

DNA Financial

Director: Doris Ng
Contact: doris.ng@manulifefa.com.sg

Forte Group

Director: Andy Ong
Contact: andy.ong@manulifefa.com.sg

Genesis Financial Group

Director: Triston Soo
Contact: triston.soo@manulifefa.com.sg

IPA Advisory

Director: Iris Peh
Contact: iris.peh@manulifefa.com.sg

Novus Advisory

Director: Roy Chiew
Contact: Roy.chiew@manulifefa.com.sg

Prestige Raffles

Director: Quek Chung Tze
Contact: chungtze.quek@manulifefa.com.sg

Prestige Dynamic

Director: Desmond Teo
Contact: Desmond.teo@manulifefa.com.sg

Prestige Elites

Director: Jex Hok
Contact: jex.hok@manulifefa.com.sg

Summit Planners - Alpha

Director: John Chia
Contact: john.chia@manulifefa.com.sg

Summit Planners - Dunn & Partners

Director: Susan Ong
Contact: Susandunn@manulifefa.com.sg

Summit Planners Invictus

Director: Edmund Ang
Contact: Edmund.ang@manulifefa.com.sg

Summit Planners Maximus

Director: Jason Lim
Contact: Jason.lim@manulifefa.com.sg

Thinkers Alliance

Director: Yuen Kah Fai
Contact: Kahfai.yuen@manulifefa.com.sg

Trillion Financial Planners

Director: Garry Lim
Contact: Garry.lim@manulifefa.com.sg

Universal Wealth Group

Director: Daniel Lee
Contact: Daniel.lee_yifan@manulifefa.com.sg

Vision Advisory

Director: Joleen Ong
Contact: joleen_ong_pp@manulifefa.com.sg

Vision Advisory Astute Partners

Director: Kelvin Hong
Contact: Kelvin.hong@manulifefa.com.sg

Vision Advisory Distinct Partners

Director: Jimmy Ng
Contact: jimmy.ng@manulifefa.com.sg

Vision Advisory Elite

Director: Michael Tan
Contact: michael.tan@manulifefa.com.sg

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