How To Make A Career Out Of The Lifestyle You Prefer

The best way to think about your career ambitions is to consider the lifestyle you want and work backwards. You need to understand who you are, your priorities and what inspires you every day before you make that decisive shift.

For our Top Achievers Jovin Yeo and Gregory Fok, their choice to come on board the unique advisory platform of Manulife Financial Advisers has helped to open new windows of opportunities. Equipped with the ability to bring about positive change, they are leading fulfilled lives while helping more through the power of better financial planning.

Director of Sales, Financial Services, Jovin Yeo has been in the profession for two decades and came into the industry by chance, first starting at a tied agency. 16 years on, she realised that her clients had progressed quite significantly with their lives whilst she had hit a plateau in terms of growth. She knew that she needed to do and learn more in order to be able to continue to sustain and value-add to her clients. And with that, she made the leap of faith and joined Manulife Financial Advisers in 2018.

Senior Director of Sales, Financial Services, Gregory Fok on the other hand, began his career in engineering. During his time there, he worked long hours in the office and also saw his boss doing the same. So he asked himself, “Is that something I really want?” That propelled him to make the bold transition into the financial advisory sector; a decision partly driven by a curiosity about how people made, or lost, money.

In this exclusive feature and video by Asia Advisers Network, Jovin and Gregory also delve into what makes Manulife Financial Advisers truly different and differentiated.

For Jovin, what set Manulife Financial Advisers apart were the huge improvements in training quality and the culture of the organisation. ““The quality of the training and the courses that are available to us to us is vastly different. And in terms of the culture, I would say that Manulife Financial Advisers is very vibrant, very forward-looking and very dynamic,” she said.

“The culture also fosters a very encouraging environment for everybody to want to pursue growth and to excel. I think that is something that is really important in any organisation.”

Gregory, meanwhile, highlighted the open architecture concept of Manulife Financial Advisers which affords its consultants access to different insurance providers as well as platforms.

“We are not bound specifically on insurance products alone and have a whole array of solutions that's available,” he said. “So when we talk to our clients, it's no longer about what's the best product out there, but the focus is about where is it that you want to get to and how can I best support you to get there together.”


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